Sunday, September 5, 2010

bit by memories

by Nikki Quismondo

bit by memories
a sinking of teeth into flesh
snapshots of you holding your arms into place
intermingling of fingers, legs
sun shards sneaking in between blinds,
then dimmed shadows
glowing of skin,
afternoon delights
smells of warm musk
leopard sheets
cold air conditioner, then hot
bare feet against marbled floors
a portrait studio of us...

bit by memories
flashing into different place settings
classical music
reminiscent day time fantasies

missing you...

Saturday, September 4, 2010


by Nikki Quismondo

Those marbled, emerald green and ivory floors,
a cool pattern right to you,
a fresh memory of summer night sensations
needing to hear your whispers
remembering the kiss upon shoulder
skin, glistening, candlelight
spa music
yellow chair...


feeling you...

flashes of touching...

white walls...

the red lamp...

an eternal list, an eternal memory...

Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Thousand Afternoons

By Nikki Quismodo

The afternoon spills out of your pleasure
onto my pleasure
to give me the air, waves and motion-dreamings
rocking back and forth and falling
into the echoes of release

the cravings of your lips
come like vibrational chills
like a teasing breeze on a morning balcony
and into the view of our liquid sweetness

honey dipping into your amber like eyes
sunbathing and belonging to them
seeing us in a world of a thousand afternoons,
that's how I want it from you

that's the answer to your question about my dreams...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pondering Water, Sailing, any Kind of Sea Away

By Nikki Quismondo

If I survive through the murky deep
drive your essence in another ocean,
give me a current where the cool runs fast
away from the cordless self pity

I don't want to love you as much
or crave in ways of disillusion
no warm massage will heal this dense emotion
know my escape went south of here

the distance holds a dark swelling
a wound unsettled, and cut
a virgo sword and lazy fish caught in a manic delusion

Monday, May 25, 2009

That Afternoon

By Nikki Quismondo

You are, A fanatical star, shooting through my purple ways
you, ever so ready, the opening of a cool doorway,
the spiral time zone that encircles my heart,
always, a tender smile; a warm invitational.

Only the two of us will know of the fragility,
hypnotizing its honey for sweetness in our tropical splendor,
the secret getaway of a mystic tunnel made for two
that is why your skin, your stomach requires vanilla smoothing

Here, in the room, your eyes change my destiny
your voice sounds of afternoon delights,
we glide our feet against the smoothness,
intertwining of legs and the silent collection of pleasure

Sunday, May 17, 2009


by Nikki Quismondo

I long to celebrate something,
to pop open a bottle of champagne...
Where are my friends?
maybe I should plan a fiesta?
I'd like to be invited to a wedding,
or a trip to the bay- it's soo stuffy at the office,
even, at home..
when I was younger, the ocean was my playground;
care free floating upon a cool body water
trust was my sanctuary,
maybe I'd find a cute lady bug crawling on my warm skin..
while laying in the sun, basking to be bronzed, daydreaming- looking up at the blue sky...
but now, I work day and night,
the nearing of summer isn't as fun,
the expectation some how lost,
responsibilities surpass fantasy, daydreaming, hope...
I don't know where I can wear my new jade earrings?
but, I know that I'll soon need to grab my suit jacket out of the closet for that meeting,
I really don't want to think about tomorrow's paperwork,
I'd rather think about a trip to the Berkeley hills,
or a romantic walk on the beach in Hawaii
I'd rather think about a place where I can dress elegant, and
pop open a bottle of champagne for something to celebrate.

Friday, April 10, 2009

A cup of coffee

By Nikki Quismondo

warm incandescent moods
a flirtatious smile noticed
a porcelain floral cup filled with Brazilian coffee
soft voices travel and I hear the words "will you?"
I wonder what the proposition was about
the musical instrumentation plays away such thoughts
some jazzy number like a byrd song comes around in a sort of
mystical design of vibrations
i'm minutes earlier for the meeting
appreciative of moments like these
you finally enter the coffee venue
everything new, becomes suddenly familar....

Saturday, April 4, 2009

An afternoon interrupted

by Nikki Quismondo

garnet tornado-sky
hot lava lamp conflicting water tongue
hurt wounds opening into private worlds
lost thoughts jump inside again
red world twirling like a bloody mary
heat pumping into anger moods
dramatic pact against the stirring irritations
the yelling, streaking discrimination
the energy, now low and ready to evaporate
the outcome, steamy resentment for everything at stake

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Winter Sea

By Nikki Quismondo

The last time I visited
the winter sea,
you and I were together
and part of my world turned into your clouds
the air was cold, but warm lovers we were,
and might have continued to be that way
if I didn't get lost in things like stars
When nature reigned, you and I could laugh together
like a pair of tipsy jewels, but when the moon opens wide,
your dark sea coast doesn't mention us in the soul books
My water finds this voice and wants to pour into your open sky,
but when air and water meet
it is certain to precipitate some tears,
along with silent memories
Our supple waves have trickled into the soft sands,
time is now an incandescent sea mist
of your mysterious, winter sea absence

Neptune's Garnet

by Nikki Quismondo

Your love is like a restless enigma
deep in metaphors
but warm like sea silk
I want to be your well-fed rose,
that garnet in your underwater heaven
I want to be that slippery fish
throbbing against your Neptune foam
and be the feet of your sea life
I want to be swallowed by your fantasy
and lay upon your black coastal shores
in wild silence!

Liquid Motion

By Nikki Quismondo

Floating into your fluvial colloquial of liquid motion,
your metaphors spring int the blue plumes of my day dreaming

memories of the toes touching once
pool happiness,
blue and sunlight mixtures
diamond water fantasies...

Open Fields

By Nikki Quismondo

in one complete galaxy
and in between the vast cosmos
our natal birth charts find an open space
where the bluest Neptune loses it's vision
and the striking Mercurial energy limits its reach
our opposing constellations would never remember
those Neptunic mysteries, or your planned globe
once we fall upon those soft golden fields
where the wild smiles are inevitable
and the honest blue sky tells us the truth,
we would shortly forget who we were,
and who we hope to become,
we'd just feel safe within our own skin
in a combined wisdom that we are not alone.

Jesus Christ

By Nikki Quismondo

With his gracious gifts that are unending
they spin me around into a thousand afternoons of pure sunlight,
His voice travels at the velocity of everything holy
through oceanic waves, onto the golden fields of childhood memories
I sat one afternoon enjoying the deep blue sky of a zillion wishes,
and commenced the holy spirit to celebrate the zeal of his graces
I was shown the many feet upon waters that walk in miracles,
through the different color flowers, with many names
I’d ask so many angels to sing his integrity
they showed me a space beneath the loops of many cosmos
where his mercy and his strength
were combined in a sea of endless love

Monday, March 30, 2009

Phone Call

by Nikki Quismondo

His voice, a seductive distinction,
Inflections of various appetites, well-framed
he included me, in a sort of vaudeville design,
I sat there blushing in wild smiles,
Our plans would include dinner-he’ll cook
Something like a Greek salad, wild salmon, glazed in dijon...
A couple of glasses of cabernet.. Maybe a chardonnay?
we sorted out the other details,
Like massaging lubricants- cocoa butter or warm vanilla?
and which music to listen to... Sting? Jethro Tull…
We could watch a movie- wagering between classic horror/romantic comedy…
It will happen on Friday night-
until then, our thoughts will transpire into spicy flavors,
And bitten apples to play around with....

Sunday, March 29, 2009

An Evening with You

By Nikki Quismondo

two wine glasses in a Merlot evening,
your warm caramel skin, glistens,
a blushing appearance,
tipsy in the silk-like evening
in the patio- tender ballad sounds of our breathing visions
covered in twinkle lights, you notice the beauty of it...
the night is warm, transfixed in hypnotic blues
indulged in the appetite to love one another,
your hands touch my arm,
like warm bath water,
nice, smooth, like a carousel jacuzzi dream
the earth is tender with us tonight
with a soft and subtle slice of healing.


By Nikki Quismondo

Saturday evening- blue hypnotic martini glass,
musical escapade, cousins dancing whimsically
moment to moment- pinches of silliness,
through the dancing train, digital camera flashes,
dangling, gaudy jewels, Cabernet,
friends smiling, mingling, dipping food, chatting about
good ol'times- chocolate and cocoa nut cupcakes,
midnight memories....
memory of a good life-
memory of having it shared

Sunday, March 1, 2009


By Nikki Quismondo

Give me a Kaleidoscope full of daisies,
a cup of green tea and lemon grass,
time in front of wondrous book
"In a Sentimental Mood" by Coltrane,
I can relax in many daydreams
escape to that safe and familiar fantasy
in meadows of privacy and pussy willows
where the sun is setting
and peace is glowing in a cool breeze
with soft hypnotic sounds like a release of wavelengths
in a feeling of something completely new,
give me some time to belong to my private moments,
to remember myself exclusively...

Sunday, February 22, 2009

After the Rain

By Nikki Quismondo

there's a sound in the piano my friend,
that opens your note inside,
it travels abroad my fingertips
and melts into green leaf delights,
in fantasy, we are between the sheets,
it's raining outside
and the droplets cover an eyelid of love
the way you look at me feels like a nice warm cup of tea
together, we lay soft, warm and happy,
I can dream of rain drops in the afternoon,
and you will always be in them....


by Nikki Quismondo

the angels show their brilliant face
a bouquet of daisies spring out loud
a plan to the beach sets upon my calendar for next week..

I'd write so many dishes that would slice this world
into a perfect note,
I'd play tennis on a perfect day,
and write for your soul in oil painting,
create a symphony of sunflowers
and draw upon a Nile stream, for a mystic night of enlightenment
I'd eat a cup of yogurt with black berries
and listen to my favorite acoustic song
I'd tilt my head all the way back, to get a kiss of that warm sunshine.

These things make me happy.

Phone call

by Nikki Quismondo

I wouldn't water your mind
with anything that would drown you...

I'd just wanted to offer, a warm jacuzzi,
and a cup of jasmine tea,

but there's that strong uneven signal
that shoots straight off
where your voice is wanting to get off the phone...

I wonder, if I knew,
would I have called you today?

The Water Flows

By Nikki Quismondo

I happen to stumble upon
an unforeseen obstacle.... myself

like the butterfly that upholds itself against the wind,
I seen it in your face and others
like a phantom calling in the whispers of water reflections
and something dying inside..

I know best, the waters flow for us to draw upon...
I drew from you,
and we sat upon the waters edge
and spilled ourselves into each other

refreshed in each essence, we grew to love
ourselves outside ourselves,
and our silly imperfections,
are what brought me back to whom I used to know....myself
like rock and water mingling
it lasts a lifetime.

Question of discontent

By Nikki Quismondo

Your right, my friend, about existential discontent,
and I trust your wisdom from the far seas that breathe between us
those lemon flavors of the ocean bring us out again
to smell the divine mercy that our hearts give out
and it causes us to question certain essential ingredients
that the redwood has asked of us,
to speak the truth from a different angle,
with a camera and meter of each rhyme scheme
and a photo with a gray scale that opens up the daydreams
our existence flows out and is shared to the sea,
to the clouds,
to that cup of jasmine tea,
peace by peace
and just when we feel a little discontented, it retrieves
back into the artist's hands,
upon the designs of our palms, slightly more mature,
and that is the way of our artistry my friend
the path of a writer,
a dreamer
a flower, a tea leaf, a fish, a cloud, rain, and wind..

Saturday, February 21, 2009


By Nikki Quismondo

when the flashing lights spin into a billion signals
and the hours within the heights and fantasies wear themselves out
when all the tables in the silver room escape and
the dance floor becomes merciless in a trapped bedroom,
all the energy flares into a thousand pieces under the sun
and your good bye is but a cold ensemble,
and in the maze of everything left undone,
and what is left is a delusion gone unnoticed.


By Nikki Quismondo

I found the inevitable presenting itself
the one that sends off a vibe without any notice
closes the doors upon tomorrow to say goodbye
and the winds shape a nectarine of sorrow
and inside the dwelling of your yearning soul
becomes clearer to me
that in between the darkness and the flickering lights,
the ending of the night moves upon our hidden fingers,
unlocks them and separates
like a push and shove
where the car door closes and the wind prevails....

Friday Nights

By Nikki Quismondo

On Friday nights the ocean waves
always toast to our friendship
the Nightingales sing while I drive to see you
the energy to bring about our love again
is like a spring-like fantasy that drew the flowers closer
with sweet honeysuckle fragrances
we laughed because the bubbles covered your kitchen floor
and my feet were wet and soaked in them
you said our Friday nights were like those silly sitcoms
full of surprises and tipsy feelings
full of music, movies, light releases of happiness,
Friday nights are the best nights of the week.

Monday, February 16, 2009

I Do

By Nikki Quismondo

I do!
before you even want to ask because
I will!
before the alter and the champagne glass
and even upon the open blue sky
I'll dive away and fly
into your open clouds and try..
before you even try...
to persuade me into the night
to open up the shades of light
that bring upon our bronze-like skin
and draws up a magnitude of power within
the love we want to share together forever

Wedding Dress

by Nikki Quismondo

You ask me how I would like my wedding dress to be?
I want the beadwork to be done in India,
crystals embedded,
blue earrings from Greece
a borrowed broach- my grandmothers
an old hair clip

A dress you'd remember me in...

but most importantly
a dress to wear on a wedding day..
with you as my groom.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Honeysuckle Lyrics

By Nikki Quismondo

the midnight’s confessions,
fractured, shaken into a billion stars...

your tongue dips into my sparkling sonata
orbiting into the salubrious effect of infused honeysuckle lyrics...

private spaces, curved valleys,
arrangements of your splendid moonlight flavors,
dance upon the planetary night...

the moon’s hilarious appetite,
biting into apples and sexy spices
of your September radiance...

fills my mouth with soaked flowers...

Drawing upon the Sky

By Nikki Quismondo

I'd like to know how you were drawing upon the sky
and the sand came to your conclusions...
where the sea had that open space between us?

This world will be aware of our absence,
when those lonely nights,
could never understand
the way your sheets want to move without me in them

what duty to yourself has brought upon a loneliness
so you will be able to chose
which movie to watch,
music to listen to?

you will only see or hear them with the sounds of my faint whispers
of who we once were....
your commitment to yourself will not give you the cooperation of your memories!

Sewing the Waves

By Nikki Quismondo

So you say your sea is being torn apart
due to the moonless womb
and the dilemma to father your
everything splits, even the perfect note...
I had a dream, that you followed the midnight particles
into my unforeseen, fish-like melodies,
involved in a maze,
the seashore smoothed out some wine
and you drank,
until you were soaked in sweet flowers
and your mouth became water...
yesterday I seen your eyes revolve into
liquid splendor,
this morning, they ran around a kaleidoscope of doubt...
I faint inside your open palm,
hoping to belong
to your midnight drives and feelings of sea-like fantasies,
sewing the waves
of what tears apart your insides...
I'd rather sing out the notes of our feet
sliding into warm sands,
and moonlight intimacies....

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Your Guitar

By Nikki Quismondo

I open up out of guitar strings
like blue fish in the ocean waves,
your voice vibrates sentimental touches of the feet
embraced in moon weather
and when I open each string
your fingertips become a bookshelf of my mermaid sorrows
I notice your manhood, wanting to be tender
with fire-burned scars, each deep beneath the brown skin,
like tornado winds trying to hit a sculpted strength...

together we'll lay in your music
ironing out the lessons of our love,
like master scientists, performing our own operations
we'll leave the left over organs to the seashells....

Spider Web

By Nikki Quismondo

there's you, a limitless being,
tipsy in the v-shaped canyon,
similarly, like images of conch shell secrecy,
the atmosphere, thin in faint whispers,
where your breath lands upon each and every fragment
the star particles that sneak into shiny
glimmer lights, is where your heart broke free,
and in front of me,
a spiderweb
designed like a natal birth chart,
wheeling out into the midnight universe...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sign of the Feet

By Nikki Quismondo

your fingertips glide across my toes so slowly
like the soft blades of a Kaleidoscope of senses
strumming through the sunlight memories of our constellations
like guitar notes yearning for Pisces and Virgo moments,
We engage in the Carmel sun as it blazes in it's softest sense
and sets within our golden skin within each and every private moment
your fingertips invite a creamy appetite,
where I dream of warm lovers beginning to trust
the stars illuminate the moonlight fantasies for us,
where flashes of intimacy expose our incandescent feelings,
like a hot oil massage that hypnotizes the planets,
each sense warms every other sense in my body,
each touch wraps around Mercury and Neptune and every other universe!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

In between the t.v. and the wine

By Nikki Quismondo

we are like a rose with soft petals and thorny fears
so very vulnerable to the Carmel sun,
but open to the water droplets of soft rain fantasies,
I want to open myself to you, start a new,
and dream of things, like our dinner nights
where you cook for me and we ponder about philosophy
I want to travel with you to the possibilities
place our soft mantra in the sea
where your boat floats upon the
indemnity of soft water bubbles
and a reassurance of easy waves glide
along the soft kiss of my lips
we can fiddle around the ideas
of musical loving and poetic words flushed in blushing cheeks,
or we can lay in the fears of moonlight sorrows,
but there is a soft rose petal waiting to be watered,
and a bottle of hot massage oil setting upon the night stand,
in between the t.v. and the wine....

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Like we used to be

By Nikki Quismondo

We used to high five eachother when we bowled a strike
listen to sweet love songs, and look into each other's eyes
you'd read me your sexy poetry
and I'd read you mine
i'd wear sexy heels so you can notice my arch
you'd notice my scarfs, earrings, or sparkling jewelry
and give nice compliments about my ensembles,
but now, that we're not a couple anymore
but still friends,
our bowling games have no high fives,
i've had to change the stations on the radio at your request,
you refuse to notice the colors I'm wearing or even look at me,
the poetry you read is mundane,
you've blocked me from reading my blog
everything about us, is now dull and ordinary..
we are not like we used to be....

Monday, January 5, 2009

Moments in Neptune

By Nikki Quismondo

to feel the earth slip into your tongue,
to rapture a grand piano of notes quilted into your voice
to wrap midnight around your waist
to take a rose petal out for tea
to belong to a daydream of you and me kissing in gold weather
to yield upon a wild field of needs within
to drip into an orchid of aroma therapy
to enter into an open butterfly
to go without remembering the height of your black sea cliff
to take life all into a few breaths in and out of a liquid blue pen
to be able to understand the eleven dimensions that surround us fully,
to be anything inevitable in your world
are the many moments in Neptune in which I'd like to lay upon.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Us in Cartoon

By Nikki Quismondo

My sisters glow in a cartoon image
our smiles are characterized in a liquid effect of happiness
there's Christina, in the pink, who belongs in her own revelation,
and Leslie, who is a star upon a far-reaching sky
There's me, part twin, part delusional but temperate
and Cammile, who's wisdom is kept secret and preserved,
together we are a Laurel tree, with limbs carrying vivacious fruit
we are the the ladies who wrestle with the clock that opposes our seasons
we are the instructors of the midnight breezes, the followers of the Moon Goddess,
the illuminators of the mystic waters,
part grass, part rose bud, part jacuzzi, part hot oil, part antique jewelry, part golfer, part warm jasmine tea, part exotic novel, part rosary bead, part artist, part child, part infant, part grandmother, part mother, part sister.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Sea Cliff

By Nikki Quismondo

Your eyes went away from the table
along with the echoes that formed into
a cascade of doubt

Yesterday you were rubbing my feet
hands of grass brushing against the arches
Tenderly as the days of dinner nights and cabernet

Today, I'm trying to comprehend your soap opera
your heart has made it's own federal law
Pleading its case into the abyss of lonliness

I'm at a point where I may need to dive into your ocean
Your complexity has turned me into a surgeon of hope
I sit at your sea cliffs indecisively

A muse only has inspiration and hope
A lover, ties into your locked body
There must be a middle path!

Liquid Pouring

By Nikki Quismondo

A co-glamorous night
Birds echo into your subtle breeze
The shape of my tongue fits smoothly upon your warm flesh
Every inch of the cocktail arrives at your body
The sweet thirst for more entails a fantasy
More by each waist side
We think of kinky things to do
Your creative mind is the clock of my heart beat
Tonight's activities are full of foreplay and wine.

Your desire is hardened into pumping blood in your veins
It wants to pump into something
it revolves around a volcanic feeling
Emotions drive into the foam of your liquid pouring
Smooth supples embrace my existence
Awakened with a fortitude of a new beginning of pleasure...

Monday, December 29, 2008

arch of sole

By Nikki Quismondo

the arch of my foot is the heart of my sole
it is the dream of a dancer
it doesn't press against nothing,
only in the soft shores of your golden sand
it moves the way an instrument plays
the notes pressed to form sound
the feet press to form rhythm and movement
it carries the nerves of the whole body
my heel comes from my cheek
my earlobe, the pinky toe
it holds my body
sacrifices itself to carry my being
takes me for long walks along the echoes of many waves

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Liquid Massage

By Nikki Quismondo

the floor opens a reflexology
of foreplay
it all starts from the first touch
opened palm full of massage cream
in the summer, it is cool against the skin
the feet remember every inch
the white walls are the balcony of the sunlight audience
our bodies become opera singers
my feet becomes a ballerina upon your firm rising
the curtains unfold
the blankets lay useless
the skin against skin lubricates into a fanatical
release of passion
together, a symphonic rock band thickens inch by inch
into the daylight
just out of the pool,
onto the sheets
the feeling of something new
and everlasting!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Fluid Impression

By Nikki Quismondo

In the capacity to feel, a fluid impression remains
You're a liquid virtuoso, my prized
A connoisseur of my origin
Each sense marvels around another sensation
Like a note played on your guitar
Your eyelash fiddles a distinct imagination
a mercurial uprising into
the next chess piece of smile, like foreplay
heated temperatures vibrate my region
like a musical instrumentation of delectable dessert ensemble
it centers around the need for dancing
where your fingertips glide across the neck line of my energy
as my coastal foam sprays against your firm rock status,
i'll have you crave for bare feet pleasure!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Liquid Reaching

By Nikki Quismondo

If we let go now, we could find ourselves in a futuristic bravura
perhaps, we'd be lovers underwater,
holding hands to give the sea a break,
perhaps we could be a pair of goldfish,
swimming free from many fish bowls
if we let go now,
perhaps, we could forget about being lovers
in any place,
maybe it is best to think this way....

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Liquid Tears

By Nikki Quismondo

It's the blue voice that is trapped
in a kaleidoscope of thinking
returning to the memories
of shredded sinking
producing tear drops
like a waterfall design
into the delusions
of what was yours
was mine.

Liquid Poetry

By Nikki Quismondo

On the top shelf
there's that blue folder
containing you and I and printed emails
of liquid poetry
each line held days and nights of our planning
new love making; your poetic words massaging like a soft blue dream...
then there's the mention of your pink mushroom tip
in between the sheets of our ecstasy climbing,
so many words written in full exotic appetites
so many sleek and silky moments in full adjectives
so many wet documents with evidence that we once existed.

Liquid Rain

By Nikki Quismondo

When the afternoons catch a blue tint
and the liquid rain captures so many lost thoughts
there are the memories of how your mouth dropped
and your tongue became rain
so I stuck out my tongue
to catch a drop of your fallen mist
to taste the blue and mysterious expressions
from everything to nothing
I lost myself in its many rain drops
your body became the flooded streams
that drew upon my tears
and I think about it in the blue afternoons,
where I should have held an umbrella...

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Liquid Enigma

By Nikki Quismondo

I had a Picasso dream of your abstractions,
a memory of your liquid enigma
flashes of your book case turned into a guitar
notes became poems
your voice turned into the edge of a pool I couldn't swim in..
automatically, I tried to gather your collections...
I picked up a few pieces of your humor
a swig or two of your sexy thinking,
a delicate morsel of your coffee eyes,
but they all dissolved into bits and pieces of lies
I tried to balance it all, in between two pools
one shallow, one deep in metaphors
when it all made sense, I seen you in many dimensions,
some good,some not so good for me....
and where I was supposed to be
as time collapsed, my feet stood bare upon a white slim concreted reality
and when I awoke, you were not there....

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Liquid Heat

By Nikki Quismondo

I'm gonna throw your secrets
into the fire,
To brighten your hungry passions,
to expose the formula
of your aching body
and your edible loving,
no longer will I suffer
from the eagerness
to indulge in your liquid heat,
For my lips are filled
with poetic rubies
delivered to you
so that at last, you can scream out
your starving needs
and gnaw at my quivering thrills,
like a burning kiss,
our bodies will be energized
with flaming pleasures
and thriving, ignited ecstasies!

Liquid Float

By Nikki Quismondo

a liquid type of floating
the body releases pressure
is held by the underwater blue magic
like the way your poetry spreads out
watery, wet, refreshing...

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Liquid Touching

By Nikki Quismondo

like wet grains of sands
loosely vibrational against
the crevices of my hands
cool tranquilizing
bubbling and blue
watery spouts of liquid hues
fluid memories
of you and me
a diluted-destiny